YOLANTHA’S BOOKS: a must read for anybody who ever thought about helping somebody

(excerpt from Chapter 10, p.27 of HAITI: The After Shocks of Hope (one American’s rude awakening,)

I knew everybody on the plane, including the pilot, could hear my
heart beating. It was reminiscent of the Edgar Allan Poe story, The Tell Tale Heart
…I fell into the window seat clutching my Bible
wondering why I had been holding my breath.
“Do you love me, Yolantha?”
who said that?
Who here (thousands of miles away from Danville, KY with me sitting for the first time ever on the tarmac in Miami) knew my name?
I slumped in my seat,
kept my head still
eyeballed left
eyeballed right
I noticed I wasn’t breathing again
and my mouth was just doing its own thing
It choked out “yes…but…”
“Then feed my lambs.”
Pained, my eyes crinkled shut.
“Yolantha, do you love me?”
I could just barely nod my head.
“Feed my sheep”
I didn’t dare breathe
for I remembered my Bible
just enough to know that there
was a third time coming.
He whispered my name
I answered loudly
before God could ask me again.
asked the passenger
squeezed next to me on the airplane.
I stuttered…
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Yolantha do you love me?
(John 21:15-19, Debut of Haiti books and performance reading at Bullitt County Library, Lafonda Stallworth, photographer, Nov. 2013)

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