Woman/Mother Nature: “The Connection”

(if there is any fixing to do, then woman can only fix woman. The power of woman can launch or stop wars, she can heal or pollute, her power heals or insures dysfunction. Let this poem in DADA fashion be a reminder, for if we heal ourselves we heal the world)
“rain, dammit, rain”
woman whispered
to the sun parched sky.
mother nature turned
to the hard hearted woman
and whispered back
“cry, dammit, cry”
(let us pray for the rains of Biblical proportion in Colorado and the fire that has redevastated the Jersey Shore Boardwalk that had just begun to recover from the destruction of last year’s Super Storm Sandy. Especially pray for the women who bed and sleep with the power brokered men who say yea or nay to war and weapons of mass destruction…yolanthaism)


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