“whadaya say now Cheerleader
take that
feel my steel toe boot
football boy
you¹re not good enough to shoot
for you,
a slow death while you look me in the eye
and watch slowly as my spit drips
now die
football hero,
where’s your team now?
Littered across the field
now to the principal I’ll need extra ammo,
the big fat sow.”
“Did some one call my name
stealing my 15 minutes of fame?
Get outta the way lunch lady
it’s Thursday,
go cook something
some goulash or hash
don’t make me hurt you
you’re my only good past
you never let me sneak by
with a cookie or bag of chips
you’d send me
back for macaroni,
mystery meat and peas.”
“Not now lunch lady, go away please,
please duck, lunch lady,
go back to your lunch stool
you shoulda been the teacher
teaching them the golden rule.
“What are you doing, Bobby?
Gimme that gun, Bobbie.
Boy don’t look at me like that
Don’t you see me with this bat
Get your butt in the cafeteria
It’s time for me to fix lunch
When I heard all that racket & the sirens
I said sure as shootin’ that’s Bobby,
I had a hunch
Put your daddy’s gun down.
Let me fix you something to eat
I think I still got some of your favorite mystery meat
You’re a good boy Bobby
Put the gun in my hand
That’s okay,
I won’t take it Bobby
you know,
now you’re a man.”
Bobby spoke in a whisper
“Kill me, kill me, I’m already dead
Kill me with your bat, one hard swing to my head.”
“Hush up little boy.
Let lunch lady give you a hug
today’s not a good day to die”
Bobby’s shoulders went up with a shrug
He followed her cut out sneakers
into the cafeteria
She fed him as they chatted
and ate out of the pot
surrounded by America’s finest,
megaphones and a sharp shooter
looking for his shot
when lunch lady stood up
50 rifles simultaneously took aim
she said,
“Get out, of my cafeteria
I’m the lunch lady,
this is my 15 minutes of fame!”
it's time

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