WHITE DIAMOND: “it was my birthday”

a glimpse of my birthday
i caught a glimpse
of my birth day
and it was sensational,
an overbearing ocean of
comforting warmth
softer than
southern plantation cotton.
there was a taste of thanksgiving joy
tinged with bourbon tears
anointing my arrival.
it was Godly.
it was purposed.
it was me.
my eagle
We are all born to a purpose. Each of us a magnificent white diamond. We are made from the coalmines of our every day experiences. Each experience, positive or negative, is the perfect pressure that defines us. Each failure is perfect in its lack of success. Each victory moment is perfect in her split second lack of failure. Case in point Angelo Anderson, the Purple Heart decorated, wounded Afghanistan warrior tennis ball boy serving in an even higher capacity as inspiration to those who think they can’t. And of course there is the 64 year old Diane Nyad, the human swimming engine that proved that she could reach her dream swim to Cuba. Never underestimate the dark, damp, dank mine shafts of your life, for there lives inside a white diamond temporarily parading as black coal. Remember: LIFE WITHOUT PRESSURE WILL ALWAYS BE DIAMONDLESS or at most just a cubic zirconium–a would-be diamond simulant…yolanthaism

(African woman artwork by environmental arts activist
Reggie Mont)


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