Tolerance vs. Celebration

celebrating diversity
In light of the movie THE BUTLER and the recent travesty concerning Trayvon Martin, there is only one feeling in my personal travels as a missionary, and in my never ending quest for education worse than out and out racism and bigotry. That feeling is the feeling of being part of a “tolerance initiative”. Sitting in the class room or attending a meeting or performing on a task force knowing that my presence is only being tolerated because of some band-aid law to remedy past cultural indiscretions is a real yucky hurdle to face. Unfortunately there are no laws that legislate the heart and how it perceives and reacts to the world. Aaahhh but when ones presence is acknowledged and celebrated it is then that the global cultural climate works hand in hand to achieve win-win masterpieces for global change. I was asked what was a better solution than “the law” as a point for change. My response is that laws are a welcome beginning but not the end-all-be-all for cultural improvement, “the law of the heart is relationship.” For it is through relationships that we dispel our fears and belly up to one another in celebration…yolanthaism!


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