Well I know some of you out there are dealing with that horrific killer ALZHEIMER DEMENTIA. Just a moment of pure love for all of you care takers out there with family members snared in this horrible disease. I’ve been calling my daddy who is now 86 every Sunday evening for almost two years. Mother and Daddy live about 20 hours drive away from me. About a year ago Daddy forgot how to read. And last week mother said that he has forgotten his alphabet. Tonight Daddy wanted to know why I was calling him. I told him, “I call you every Sunday night so that I can remember that tomorrow is Monday and then after that I get to have Tuesday and then I get to have Wednesday and then Thursday and then Friday and then Saturday and then BLING BLING BLING it’s Sunday again and I get to talk to my daddy again.” Daddy burst out laughing. I laughed also (because Daddy doesn’t seem to laugh much any more) and told him that I loved him “very very much.” Daddy said “I love you two, no, no, no, three times more.” (See why I will always be a DADDY’S GIRL?”)
Christmas 2012

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