The Wager, Haystacks and Rest, Baby, Rest!

…what if the devil has a “Job” wager against heaven on the choices I will make today, will I flinch, buckle, deny, cave in…or will I praise, glorify, persist and serve?…yolanthaism

How far down
must I dig
in the haystack of
my relationship
to find
the needle of his love…yolanthaism

I sleep on the edge of resting where dreams are dormant and volcanic visions wait impatiently for the lava of daylight…yolanthaism


The Wager, Haystacks and Rest, Baby, Rest! — 3 Comments

  1. This is so profound that I can barely put two words together to comment on it. It is really deep and profound and I love it. I have slept on the edge of being afraid to completely close my eyes for fear that it would put my ears to sleep, and I need to hear what is going on in the next room at all times. I think that is part of being a 24/7 caregiver. But to sleep on the edge of resting….and volcanic visions wait….. Yolantha, your mind is in itself a masterpiece.

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