The Poke

Dr Feel Good
poked her heart.
she didn’t budge.
Dr Feel Good
poked her awesome aortas.
she didn’t budge.
Dr. Feel Good
poked her vivacious ventricles.
she still didn’t budge.
Perplexed by the depth of his feel good
and the depth of her feel bad
Dr. Feel Good went back
and poked the first place he’d poked.
A teeny tiny fray appeared.
Dr. Feel Good now knew.
so he poked the same spot again
more threads snapped and popped out of place.
Again he poked.
the heart became
it ploopped around and beat. .
it perked up
at the slightest anticipation of
one day Dr. Feel Good arrived late.
he poked quickly as if he was in a hurry
then left.
the next day Dr. Feel Good was even later.
his pokes were like jabs of impatience or boredom.
for three days Dr. Feel Good didn’t come.
After the fourth day of no show
the heart stopped throbbing and
aching for his poke.
she darned her original frayed place that had been poked
coated it with a steel based cement
then security barred it shut.
on the tenth day of of his absence
Dr. Feel Good entered with a huge grin.
He poked, no response.
he poked, again still no response.
The next time he poked as hard as he could
the poke

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