The Next Dreamers

why now?
We dream on the backs of the memories of people who were there, on site, witnesses of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s DREAM SPEECH. We dream on the backs of
such attendees as
George Mitchell
NAACP State Conference Representative
Tracy Jarret
NBC News
Jack White
Ann Ruth Border
Civil Rights Activist
Lurline Jones
Basketball Coach
Les Payne
Nolan Atkinson
Chief Diversity Officer of Duane Morris.
Yet dreaming is never enough. We have been stuck in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of dreaming, our heart rates and breathing quickened, our blood pressures elevated by the various divisive turn of events in America, from George Zimmerman to September 11. I ask, when will we rise and shine and march forward in the Alpha (AWAKENED) stage of life? The dream was not enough for the Alpha Humanity of Dr. King. He paid in blood, handing the next Dreamers the silver platter of action. Somehow we have allowed King’s dream to tarnish. For we still march for the old dreams–Black  unemployment, immigration reform, civil rights, social equity, living wages. We have raised a generation of sleepers who grumble at being awakened. An unlearned generation that ask, “What dream? For who? For when? For where? Why?” We have let our watershed moment in history become at best an entertaining silver screen Lee Daniels money making movie ticket of fame.

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