TEACH A CHILD TO TEACH…aaaah the legacy of it

Helping others to help themselves is an amazing feeling. Remember the look on a child’s face when he or she could tie their shoe for themselves? Remember how great you felt as the teacher of that marvelous act. Let’s break that down…someone had to provide the shoe, was that you? Someone encouraged and cheered the child on, was that you? Someone had to get down on the ground with the child and teach him or her to tie the shoe (that’s me). I am a trench woman. I touch those untouched. I hug those unhugged. I listen to those unheard. I provide strategies of hope (ways to tie that shoe) using literacy and the performing arts. In a week I’ll be going to India with my WHO LOVES YA BABY project (John 3:16). Join me with your support!
(click on photo or if you would like to help, go to www.gofundme.com/c6p5xs))

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