talk, talk, talk, talk, talk…

Yesterday I was trying to help someone and all they did was talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk and talk. So I hurried up and got them off the phone, cause afterall I had so much to do. Welllll, I had an appointment with that person for later in the day and they were suppose to CALL me to come pick them up, well the day drew on and on and…no call. Soooooo being the proactive person I am I called, only to find out that the appointment was cancelled, and then the person proceeded to talk and talk and talk. I layed down the phone (yes a land line without a speaker phone) and continued to work on my artwork, they never noticed. After 20 minutes I picked up the phone and the TALKER SAID, thank you soooo much for listening to me. WOW, I was humbled. ForgivemeJesus. (Jesus will never leave you or forsake you or lay down the phone on you…#yolanthaism.)

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