STEP AWAY…STEP AWAY (a prayer for the world-wide grieving of MH17)

by yolantha ‘the poet’
(a prayer for the world-wide grieving of MH17)
step away
step away
in the world of dismay
our tears cannot sustain our pain
for the disrespect toward the
valued remains of the MH17 airplane
stop the chaos around the loss
stop the madness
squelch the unmeasurable sadness
unite the divide
restore our pride
let the words spur action
against the barbaric
monster rebel faction
give us the very best
and every access
to retrieve our love loss
at any cost
for grieving should be humane
for our loved one’s remains
no matter the why
let the truth be told
to unmask the lie
there is no excuse for the misuse and abuse
of our dear civilian casualties of war
grant us unlimited access for the very best
of international experts for success–
well trained to embrace our precious remains
step away
step away
long is the day
it’s too much to bare
the lack of dignity and care
it is every culture’s human rite to gain closure and insight
to bury
mother, father, daughter and sons
step away
step away
let us get our grieving done
the poet in living color

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