September 11 vs. Domestic Violence

I couldn’t understand why September 11, 2001 put me a black woman who lived 4 states away in a fetal position, emotionally petrified and drowning in the putrefying smell of hopelessness. It cast me into a spiraling depression I had not felt sense February 11, 1988 when I left my abusive husband. As I watched the towers crumble time and time again and felt myself caving in upon the rawness of my soul, it took another fellow warrior and survivor of domestic violence to snatch me back into a healing reality. Her calming spirit reminded me that I had spent 10 years ensnared by my terrorist. Ten years in which I was sleeping with the enemy. The loudest kept secret in America is–our at home, daily, residential, domestic war of terrorism that goes on methodically in our communities. Our silence endorses the secret guerilla warfare that goes on behind closed doors, the accepted hush-hush hate crimes perpetuated against women every 9 seconds of our red, white and blue minute. My fight back from the insanity of September 11 came through the healing medicine of journaling. Because that horrendous day in America left me…sleepless in Kentucky
(excerpt from SHOUT, MAMMY, SHOUT…soon to be republished by Trubu Press. This is an introduction to the chapter on September 11 and the 7 days of healing journal Yolantha did in order to redefine a sense of her now forever changed America)

September 11


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