I was just meditating, spending time with God as I ate my bowl of pork n beans for lunch. I thought about the fact that God turned his back on His Son while He was dying on the cross for our sins. That made me so sad, even though I know that God had to turn away and forsake His Son because He himself has no part of sin. Then God embraced my pain and said, “REMEMBER YOLANTHA THAT I WAS IN THE TOMB TENDING HIS WOUNDS LETTING HIM REST FOR 72 HOURS AFTER THAT HORRIFIC CRUCIFIXION ORDEAL. AFTER THE THREE DAYS I HAD THE JOY OF WAKING MY SON UP” A full rush surged through my body. It reminded me of when I would sometimes quietly pick up my daughters, Erin and Diamond, when they were small and hold them in my arms to wake them up. “Rocking them Awake” versus the times I would “Rock them to Sleep” I could just picture/feel God waking up Jesus in His tomb and then picture Jesus being held in the arms of His father after being 33 years away from each other. Amazing, absolutely amazing, God’s 33 years of sacrifice on behalf of each of us whether we accept/acknowledge the gift or not. That reminds me of when about 3 years after my husband walked out on us  I went down into his “man cave” and discovered several Christmas gifts from us that he had never even unwrapped and opened. So it is with God’s gift of Jesus. How many presents do you and I actually have from God that are just lying around our lives…unopened?…yolanthaism
up from the grave He arose

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