ODE TO VH-1: The New Silent Generation

“Generation Z-z-z-zzzzzzz”
(an urban African American unfreedom poem a-la-da-da )
let us not
look at each other
or we shall see
red hand to red hand
our bloodless hearts
botox smiles
frozen to the
hunger and death
of children
running in the
streets of Syria.
Plantation descendents
blind to
millions of
righties and lefties
reaching from the soot
of graveless graves in Haiti.
and yet
rich Americans
stiff their gay waiters.
Stand up royals
there are no fantasies
just reality MTV nightmares
with BET housewives
cracking the code
driving their
sports husband’s
cars off the edge of the earth.
Arsenio Hall is back.
Let there be a
hunger apocalypse
yum yum
eat eat
don’t stop
yum yum to your tum-tum
stand up royals
and care
for the village capitols
will finally be
safe and sound.
Generation Z,
with a dash of hydration
tell me about
the treasure
(a poem from the banquet of yolantha the new Maya Angelou, seasoned with Gwendolyn Brooks, bathed in Langston Hughes, peppered with Angela Davis, sprinkled with William Shakespeare, rolled in Edgar Allen Poe)

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