NFL ALERT: Why I didn’t beat my children even though I was beaten growing up AND I’M A BLACK PERSON RAISED IN THE SOUTH

Just because I grew up getting beat with a switch, belt, ironing cord, shoe, etc… DID NOT MEAN that I HAD TO do the same to my children. I remember thinking in the midst of the pain that WHEN I GROW UP I WILL NEVER TREAT MY CHILDREN THIS WAY. I admit it was hard at first to find alternatives, when getting beat was all I knew. But to see the look on my child’s face when I struck her that mirrored the excruciating pain I felt growing up was enough for me to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. My vow was to end the cycle. I use to think that “time-out” was for pansy parents. But I learned that it is about WHAT rather than WHO you put in time out. The first time I put the telephone (we didn’t have cell phones then) in time out for the weekend my daughter screamed and cried and slung snot and ran up and down the stairs like a banshee. Screaming, “YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!!!! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!!!!” as I quietly unplugged the cord from the phone and the wall and neatly rolled it up and placed it in my navy blue terry cloth robe pocket. My daughter became a model child from that week-end on. Oh and I remember the day I threatened to turn a cartwheel in Wal-Mart when my youngest child decided to get disrespectful in the store. I mean I actually raised both arms and lifted my right knee in perfect “cheerleader style”. I never knew you could fit so many “mamaI’msorrymamaI’msorries” in the span of 15 seconds.
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