Next time…I was strapped!!! or (what was she thinking?) or HOW NOT TO GIVE A TESTIMONY

I am 5 foot 9 and 1/2 inches tall. On the full figured side, somewhat intimidating by size and sometimes intimidating by attitude. An attitude garnered from my stint in the inner city of Houston. But I normally try my best to be sweet and kind and loving. I now live in a small, slow-paced, family oriented community in the heart of America.

I was chatting, just making conversation, with an acquaintance. I began sharing about a meeting I had with a person that turned into a rather heated exchange. I shared that the next time I met with that person I made sure I was strapped and I took the biggest and the most deadliest weapon I owned. The person’s eyes got huge with fright, and they proceeded to back away from me. I quickly played back what I had said. Then I busted out laughing. “NO-NO, a cross, I wore the biggest cross I owned.” The person then doubled over with nervous laughter. (wow you can take the girl out the INNER CITY but you can’t take the INNER CITY out of the girl)


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