MY PROCESS: Obeying the Art in Me

People want to know how I do it.  I am an open book, and love to share the “how” of what I do.  The hard part is explaining the “gift” or “talent” versus the “technique”.  But I wanted to share a little of my back story for two of my future children’s books. ME FIRST and SUZY AND HER SURI
1.  God gives me the story idea/outline.
2.  I note it in my journal
(I never say, “today I will write a story or a poem, often I am awakened between the hours of 2 and 4 in the morning and have a thought that I cannot take credit for. This inspiration can literally come any time of the day, but half of the time comes in the wee hours of the morning)
3.  The Holy Spirit later flushes out the details of the story.
(it can be ten minutes later or even 3 years later, but as I am older I don’t remember God’s brilliant nudges like I use to, so it is IMPERATIVE that I write them in my journal)
4.  Once the story is written I then use a number two pencil.
5.  I use recycled paper.
6.  The Holy Spirit literally moves my hand for the sketches.
suzy and her suri illustrations 041
7.  Then it’s as if the pencil, the paint and the page talk to me and tell me what colors to use.
the paper and paing talk to me
(I know this sounds hokie and mystic to the “non-artist”. But I’ve had no art classes or formal writing classes, just the general studies one gets in high school, and the one required art class in college and look what happens when I apply what little I know to God’s grand scheme of things)
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