Last slurp of ice coffee: 10 FINGERS OF GRATITUDE

1. Ezekiel Sunday School Lesson
2. for having your hands on me through the use of my Spiritual gifts (giving, leadership, teaching, service and faith)
3. Maya Angelou and her life legacy
4. Hot flashes that prove I’m still alive
5. smaller lawnmower that doesn’t weigh as much as my last and is easier for me to manipulate due to back health issues
6. sounds of thunder
7. learning to change my focus from the perspective of my challenges due to my crisis to the perspective of what God is doing/teaching/blessing me to do through allowing the crisis
8. daughter’s hard lesson of being fined for driving without her seatbelt and that she didn’t get pulled over for something worse
9. Cutco Knives
10. the last 3 inches of McDonald vanilla ice coffee left in the refrigerator
birthing angel, May 2014 039

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