JESUS DIDN’T APOLOGIZE (conversation tidbits)

MY YADA REPORT (YADA is a Hebrew word loosely translated as intimacy; a deep knowing; relationship…no body tells me the intimate details of what it is moment to moment to take on the skin of Christ, my YADA REPORTs are my intimate walks with this man called JESUS.  They are my intimate LOVE conversations with God.  These are conversations of joy, victory, discomfort, failures, chastisement, encouragement…Sometimes God will YADA through other people or daily circumstances or visions or dreams.  In this report God used another human being, it is not the entire conversation put it is the snippets of it that kept me awake last night.  I know that God has to be YADA-ing with many other people but I never hear about it and I wish to God I did, cuz then perhaps my journey would not seem so hard or perhaps I wouldn’t make as many mistakes…but then I guess if I didn’t make my own mistakes it woudn’t be MY YADA)

all he said was, “yolantha you been hanging out in Gethesemane way too long”……… now I’m having to scrape the caked on prayer mud off of my knees and unwrap the cocoon like cobwebs off of my prayer clasped hands, chisel the blood sweat from my face…and…and…GO TO THE NEXT GOD-LEVEL.

my womb stammered,  “the trial the beating the conviction the crucifixion the burial the ressurrection??????????” (see I know the Story)

then I said, “it’s too late, I can’t take it back”

he responded, “it was too late the day you said, ‘I’m going to Haiti'” 

I said…nothing…well, I think I might have made that SCOOBY DOO sound of dumbfoundedness “ah-yerh” anyway I said something that is unspellable

one more thing he said that keeps ricocheting in my brain “Jesus didn’t apologize”


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    • The harvest is plenty, overly abundant, and yet the workers are few. I know there are many workers out there but they are either insufficiently trained or they are sleeping on the job. Or maybe perhaps those of us that are working need to better share the benefits of Godwork…hmmmm a lightening bolt just hit.

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