IS THIS ALL THERE IS????? (Personal Mastery Testimonial)

When the expiration on my mid-life crisis overtook me and the panic of lack of fulfillment circled my head like tattered bats, the “is this all there is” mantra set in. Cutsie-wootsie phrases, catchy ditties and famous quotes were like gasoline poured on my wounds of half tried successes or half tried failures depending on if I was drinking on a day when my glass was half empty or half full. But the ember that refused to die inside kept me sniffing around for that missing key to my “greatness”. I was still searching not for wealth and riches per se, although money and fame can be nice, but trying to ferret out a knowing of the certainty that I had fulfilled and or was fulfilling the greatness of my intended universal service. And then, as Google and face-book and twittering, or fate or providence or the Great God Almighty would have it, I stumbled upon a strategist and his tools for PERSONAL MASTERY. I followed Dr. Terry Jackson on face-book, gleaning from his posts a uniqueness of intent and a purpose that felt genuine. Jackson’s posts always seemed to celebrate man’s potential for self discovery and or self rediscovery. Dr. Jackson’s posts spoke to my over fifty cruciallity of LEGACY and TIME. I was a woman not yet ready to be put out to pasture and who felt that her vast life experiences could not have been for naught. I was a person whose fountain of youth was still spouting energetic life waters in spite of the number of birth dates celebrated. I had spent years as a mother, missionary, academician and artist nurturing others, but I seemed to have lost sight of my own PERSONAL MASTERY. I felt like Humpty Dumpty and I felt as if all the kings horses and all the kings men could not put me back together again, until I became intrigued by Dr. Jackson’s offer of tools and strategies for transformation, inspiration, motivation and empowerment. Just the first Module, consisting of 18 pages, alone had my heart rocking and reeling but my feet planted on a solid foundation for transformation. Not change, not fixing something that’s broken or increasing what I already have or shining up the old me. But transformation…discovering and empowering my SERVICE to mankind through attainable goals. In all honesty the rocking and reeling I was feeling was the reactivation of PASSION for that service which each of us individually must find and define in order to to say NO, THIS IS NOT ALL THERE IS! My only regret is that I did not have this information at my fingertips during my life skills classes as part of the prerequisite for graduation in high school. So instead of improving my skill sets and quality of life, I would have entered the global community ready, skilled and qualified. I would highly recommend Dr. Jackson’s as part of any self improvement, or prison release or 13th step of a 12 step program, or even court appointed anger management requirement, as well as for any businesses leadership development, sales training or for any person who is floundering for self discovery and self mastery. Dr. Jackson can be found at
Yolantha Harrison-Pace
Award Winning Author
Children’s Ambassador to Haiti
Teaching Artist
Motivational and Inspirational Speaker

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