i saw it fall from the sky

the sun
lay on the ground.
a child
scorched his fingers
trying to
pick it up.
his mother said,
“don’t pick that up.
leave it alone.
we don’t know where that has been!”
the little boy
and sucked his burning fingertips.
i saw it
fall from the sky.”
mama said,
“take your
fingers out
of your mouth.
that’s nasty.”
“but mama”
the little boy said,
“I did, I really did see it fall from the sky.”

poetry and artwork from the banquet of yolantha the new Maya Angelou, seasoned with Gwendolyn Brooks, bathed, in Langston Hughes, peppered with Angela Davis, sprinkled with Mother Teresa, doused in William Shakespeare, rolled in Edgar Allen Poe, embellished with Anne Sexton, anointed with the blood of Jesus.


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