M en like my daddy are practically extinct. My father not only took us to church but also participated in Sunday School and joined us on the pew for Morning Worship. Daddy’s consistent presence at home and at church taught me about the omnipresence of God. I learned that the most valuable thing a man can do is to attend church with his loved ones. I believe children, Black or White, Hispanic or Vietnamese, Haitian or otherwise, who are raised in this kind of environment grow up to be exceptional children. My four brothers and I, Raphael, Jr., Thaxter, Xerxes and Burdick are not perfect children by any means, but we are truly exceptional children indeed. No brag…just fact…based on the presence of an at home and active father. (not father figure…but father)…yolanthaism
(EXCERPT FROM UPCOMING BOOK…“SHOUT, MAMMY, SHOUT!!!” to be released in 2014)
i love my daddy

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