gratitude prayer
(Yall ever feel like this?)
the quicksands of life
pull and tug and squeeze the
sense of graciousness
out of me
the adrenalin to survive
…to just survive
smothers my ability to say thanks…yolanthaism
1. thank you for neighbor to take me to finalize out my van
2. thank you to Don and Patties tow and wreckage in Junction City
3. thank you to mother for her advice this morning
4. thank you for the name of Jesus to chant until I calmed down
5. thank you for cousin Creed Henry Sr.
6. thank you for peace in the midst of the storm
7. thank you for daughters sense of mental well being after the accident
8. thank you for the number EIGHT (sorry Jesus that’s the best I could do)
9. thank you for the number NINE (sorry Jesus that’s the best I could do)
10. thank you for parents who taught me about Jesus.

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