“I am my kitty’s keeper” (LOVE IS AS LOVE DOES)

Being a “loner” is a defense mechanism many people employ thinking that it protects them from the hurt of being loved. The flip side is that it also keeps one from being able to employ the gift of “giving love”. Being the iconic “loner” protects you from receiving and from giving. I know I created a marvelous island around myself for many justifiable reasons based on childhood experiences that followed me into adulthood. Then when I was around 30 (many moons ago) God reminded me that He is a God of relationship. He sent His Son to improve on the relationship factor between He and Mankind. That’s when I packed myself up, left the “perfection” of my island and began making my soul available. When I am busy touching the hearts of others I can’t help but be touched. I will admit, embracing people is a messy journey. (As my own personal Angel told me: “Humans! You are a hard job, but somebody’s got to do it”) I soon learned that people will hurt you ONLY to the magnitude they have been hurt. And they only love to the degree they have experienced love. My being a loner will never help change that dynamic. We ARE family and YES, I am my kitty’s keeper.
Hate reflects hate.
Disrespect cultivates disrespect
and likewise:
Love is as love does…yolanthaism


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