John ColyerM.A.D.D

(a popcorn review)
by yolantha “the poet” harrison-pace

The night may have been called POETRY IN MOTION, but my eyes were riveted by the stellar example of HEAVEN IN ACTION. The evening was graced by Devine Carama the founder of Lexington’s PIM (Poetry In Motion). He began the night with a brief statement concerning “keeping it real” and “the power of words” to destroy or create, demean or enrich. Carama had only one mandate, “RESPECT THE MIKE”. With just that rule alone an almost inexplicable phenomenon came into play…every one was made to feel welcome. Next,Carama rolled up his poetic sleeves, spat out an example warming up the audience, then the Devine stepped into the “divine” by the grace in which he welcomed poets of every race, creed, color, political and socia-economic background as well as the newbie and the seasoned writer to take his or her turn. PIM doesn’t care if you are old or young, black or white, wearing dreds, permed out or fro’d up. The universality of subject matter in poetry gives the “poemers” permission to tackle a full terrain of topics from chocolate, to rape from the addiction of love, to the faith of a watermelon seed. Celestial music was woven through the entire evening with highlights by the delectible spinnings of DJ Johnnie Johnson.

One could say that what made Poetry in Motion such a magnetic force for the poet as well as the audience was that poetry is Biblical. One of the greatest men who ever lived was described in Acts 13:22 as a “man after God’s own heart” and he was a poet. His name was David. The venue for POETRY IN MOTION was Glen’s Creek Brewery in Lexington, KY. Once the poets baptized the stage and broke bread with their powerful words the audience was transformed and transported to a place where all hurts, aches and pains of the day were forgotten. Bottom line one would have to say after an “out of this world” evening with PIM…If heaven ain’t real then poetry is a lie…yolanthaism

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