“HEAR YE! HEAR YE!!!” rang out Jesus

HEAR YE HEAR YE, Rang out Jesus
Then there I stood before the voice of God.
“Hello Yolantha, welcome, for now, to heaven.
Any of you here in heaven that know Yolantha please stand up.
If you knew Yolantha was a Christian, if she served you in my name, told you about my name, taught you how to be like her in my name then come line up to her right.

If you knew Yolantha but didn’t know that she was a child of God or affiliated with my Father in any way, or had an understanding that she was the Devil’s child, then line up to her left.

If you are not sure how or why you know or have heard of Yolantha then line up right behind her.”

Then God Himself spoke. “Now Yolantha, count the people in each group. The group with the highest number determines where you spend eternity…heaven or hell. To stay in heaven the number of people you told about me or served in my name or taught by your life style to be more like my Son Jesus has to be greater than the combined two groups of those who didn’t even know you knew me or who aren’t sure of why you seem familiar to them. If it isn’t greater, then you must exit immediately and go straight to hell.”

At this point…the vision abruptly ended. I was drenched in sweat…no it was raining.”
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