GETTING UP or ALZHEIMER DEMENTIA (cancer of the mind)

daddy has forgotten
how to to read.
he loved to read his Bible every single day.
daddy has forgotten
his alphabet,
he used to sing them with me when I was a little girl.
daddy has forgotten his name.
his name is Raphael, after the 3 Archangels of Gabriel, Michael and Raphael.
Raphael means God heals.
daddy has fallen down
and has forgotten how to get up.
I will get up for you Daddy.
I will push with my hands and
raise up off of the floor for you and put one foot in front of the other
to carry on your legacy.
I will put alphabets together and read and write on your behalf.
I will focus my voice, my touch and my thoughts to be the healing of encouragement.
Thank you Daddy
for the memories of your getting up
again and again for the past 86 years.
We will get up together.
Christmas 2012

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