I have friends who have chosen to have no TV and no computers. They have cell phones and an old fashion radio. They know nothing of the Boston Marathon bombings. They know nothing of the police shootings in Dallas and Louisiana or the rash of shootings of black men by the cops. They know somehow that Clinton and Trump are running for president of the United States. (maybe they saw it on a bumper sticker at a gas station…they always seem to know where the cheapest gas can be found) They speak equally against Fox News as they do against CNN. These friends are not Mennonites or Amish. It’s been years since they have read a newspaper. They are proud of their isolation. I am proud of being in the know. They think I’m being brainwashed. They forget that I can discern and decipher and decide for myself based upon the information I am bombarded with. They seemed to have decided…not to have to decide.
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