I must stop
making excuses
to mankind
and or
for being
who God created
me to be,
my apologies
must go to God…yolanthaism
mama haiti



  1. And I must stop allowing judgmental personality types to make me feel as if I should apologize to them for not being them and for not thinking on the basis of how they think or feel about things. My thoughts are based on my relationship with God, not on their relationship with themselves. I am different oftentimes from what mankind and womankind defines as normal. But am I different because someone views me as different from them or are they different because they are not a carbon copy of me? One way or the other we are all on some level different. So do we dare throw stones on the basis of being different- would not the stone boomerang, return to us and smack us in the head? I make no apologies to mankind or womankind for being who God created me to be: It was not mankind or womankind who blew its breath into my sleeping form this morning welcoming me into this brand new day, nor was it them who picked me up, turned me around, placed my feet on solid ground. It was God my Creator.

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