ENDING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: “Stand your ground” defense

SOOOOOO…HOW DO WE PUT AN END TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE? Women what if we used the STAND YOUR GROUND ACT…who’s willing to set the precedent? It worked in the Dunn case and with Zimmerman, it would be interesting to see if we as women are worth anymore than a Black child’s life. As some of my “thug friends” would say: DON’T START NO MESS…WON’T BE NO MESS. As a Christian, I REALLY LOVE HOW JESUS DID THE STAND YOUR GROUND…remember when they were gonna stone the woman who was a prostitute and how He STOOD HIS GROUND ON HER BEHALF? John 8:7 I personally feel we need more men to weigh in and break the “code of silence” on behalf of their mother’s, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, female cousins…


ENDING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: “Stand your ground” defense — 2 Comments

  1. I cannot wait to see the logic in any black woman who feels that the present “Stand Your Ground” law should remain in affect and in fact give women the right to shoot their violators. I am missing something here. While the system is using this law to show a legal means to an end, kill all blacks with a purpose in mind, you feel it is a good law. Please explain.
    Love and total respect.

    • exactly Queen, I do not think it is a good law at all, I am speaking in irony. We have a woman currently in jail who used the STAND YOUR GROUND law against her abuser, except she shot in the air a warning shot. The lawyers are saying if she had shot him instead and killed him she would have been out of jail by now or never had to go to jail using the STAND YOUR GROUND defense “properly” (meaning as the Dunn and Zimmerman case used it). I am not advocating this by any means, but calling it to our attention.

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