1. Earthquake Blues is like a song where you sing about discovering you’ve been impregnated. Then by the time you find joy in the anticipated new life that will be brought into the world via your womb, you discover that the baby has already grown and for whatever reason is gone. Just as you were about to embrace him or her, he or she is GONE. And what is left is the haunting melody of life set to the sound of Blues and boo hooo hoooos. What happened to Haiti seems to have been a form of abortion where for many Haitians their presence, their living in the NOW was cut off before their inception had been realized by me. What I know about Haiti I learned from your postings. A mass number of people were wiped off the earth before I’d even discovered with my heart their true existence. Now, I am anticipating the arrival of your book on Haiti as a way of me reading it and honoring their existence after the fact of their inception that for years I’d missed the result of my lack of knowledge on the subject. Your poem touched my heart.

  2. Cynthia you are so very much on target. This is a song about life on many many levels. It’s about the lies of life we tell each other while all the season there is a fault line shifting and sliding ready to reveal the truth of who we are and who we are not. Haiti is a nation of abundant misconceptions. One of the truths that my Haitian friends want me to shout out is that all of Haiti is not Port-au-Prince. Haiti and even Port-au-Prince as well, is not just the crime and corruption we see/hear on the news concerning their capitol. This really was brought home to me during September 11. My friends from all over the world contacted me to make sure that I was okay. It seems that often times even others think America is New York or LA. I live in KY, but the rest of the world never thinks KY when they think AMERICA. I am wholeheartedly in agreement with your sentiments for “earthquakes do not always happen to the earth…they also can happen to my heart”…yolanthaism

  3. What a wonderful and much needed representative of Haiti you are. Your involvement comes from the heart as opposed to others who might just be reporting a story because it’s today’s news. And then the next day they move on to a different hot topic. Your posts regarding Haiti caused an earthquake in my spirit and heart where I was given no choice but to stand at attention and listen. And it is due to your presentation, you have the gift of introducing a subject in a way that sometimes brings a smile to ones face- and then in a couple of minutes it hits you that that was indeed a profound statement but wasn’t meant by you to be funny, but the humor made the truth easy for us to not only swallow but recognize as something we needed to hear, taste and see. It has been the earthquake that erupted in me the result of your love for Haiti and your sharing that love with us that has opened my mind to the reality that just cause I didn’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. My heart and eyes are open now. It takes much more than prayers to rid Haiti of years of being neglected by all who turned a blind eye. I appreciate the fact that you not only pray, Yolantha, but you put on your boots, roll up your sleeves, and add legs to your prayers. And now that you are back in the states, your book will be the extension of those legs you place on your prayers- difference is your writing and your mouth has become your legs. For all those in the past who have prayed for Haiti and those who continue to pray- you my dear, are that prayer answered.

  4. Cynthia, so many people don’t get it, however it’s not their fault. We, in America especially, have no point of reference. And until I personally set foot on the soil of Haiti, neither did I. Do you know that there are actually families in the mountains of Haiti that were praying for America because I had come to visit them. Many people of Haiti think that their African American brothers and sisters have forgotten them, and they tell me, “Mix Youlannnnda, we know that our black brothahs and sistahs in America have not forgotten us, because you come to us, because Mix Youlaaaaaanda, you come.” That is quite a responsibility to shoulder.

  5. I hate to admit this but I was not one of Haiti’s African American sisters who forgot them- Haiti had not properly registered in my mind to even forget. If I was never introduced to you then me not knowing you isn’t based on forgetting you cause I never knew you to forget you. Hope that makes sense. I never heard much about Haiti when growing up so never really gave it much thought- until YOU Yolantha. Places I am made over the years to fear I give little thought to. It’s like my humanity doesn’t seem to kick in when it’s something made to appear as a threat. It’s one thing to not be seen as an individual so believed by a segment of White America to represent an entire race of people on the basis of generalizations. For example the mindset that all Blacks are alike, so if one steals they all steal. So the thief is seen as representative of the entire Black race, but I never thought of the fact that one person, as in yourself, is seen as representing an entire Country.

    The profound thing is that it is not representation based on color, as we are accustomed to being lumped together on the basis of, because our Country is red, white and blue. So because you, as an individual, love Haiti, Haiti believes that America loves them. A huge responsibility you shoulder, indeed. Because someone meant to do Haiti harm, someone with the intent to manipulate Haiti or a Haitian child, for example, could gain access to them in some instances on the basis of merely mentioning your name. They could even say something like “Yolantha said to tell you hello.” Or, “Yolantha is my friend too.” I’m not saying that the Haitian would be niave and easily tricked, I’m saying that Haiti’s love for you and the love you have for Haiti is powerful.
    America could even, for instance, tomorrow wreak brutal havoc on Haiti- and because you are seen by some Haitians as representing America, you could run the risk of going their in the aftermath of the havoc and no longer being welcome by a Haiti that would suddenly fear you out of their need to survive. And because it was felt by them that you represent America you’d now be seen as someone who’d turned your back on them. You would then be in danger most especially by anyone who hadn’t already previously gotten to know you and loved you for your sincerity. When you step foot in Haiti you are not merely at the mercy of Haiti, but the America you are seen as representing. Wow! I never thought of it this way before. But I’m sure you have- and yet still you rise to your calling. Which is a testament to how Great you know God is.

    Your love-inspired-bravery humbles me. And makes me ask myself the question “What can I do since I lack the courage to visit Haiti as a Missionary?” “What can I do beyond repetitious prayers that over time become akin to a cliché likened to automatically saying to strangers I meet “Have a nice day?” This puts you in a position of being seen as a leader- and that is how I see you. You know what needs to be done so I appeal to you- even if it’s something as seemingly insignificant as seeing that you are supplied some of the postage it takes to send your love-gifts to Haiti. Or perhaps I could chip in on the material you purchase to make the dolls. Your love for Haiti has touched my heart with the intensity of an earthquake- it has shaken me up- and now I feel a need to in some way participate in this intense love you have for your Haiti. I stand in the aftermath of the earthquake that has taken place in my heart the result of your love for Haiti awakening me by shaking me up through your enlightening me- And I am armed with this one question: Lord what can I do to help Yolantha help Haiti. There are of course starving children everywhere- I would like to begin with Yolantha’s mission in order to support her love and obedience to You. Yolantha I apologize for the length of this Blog- I realize I got carried away. But these are the thoughts I woke up to…and in a sense through this Blog I’ve been thinking out loud. Bottom line- I feel a need to help. What can I who has very little do to help?

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