DEPRESSION: “getting out of bed”

not even gravity
was strong enough
to make her fall
out of bed…yolanthaism

(Many people claim to not understand depression. I beg to differ. Part of the worlds issue as I see it is that we are in a huge depressed state of soul. For depression is a symptom of the self absorbed condition of our souls. For what ever reason, death, rape, joblessness, miscarriage, war, divorce, post traumatic syndromes, poverty, bullying, etc…we cannot see outside of the pain of our ego centered selves. My personal cure has always been to 1)go and do something for somebody else without them knowing it or expecting it the secret of your own personal goodness will change how you currently perceive yourself, the power of planning this feat will also take your mind off of your own personal pain. 2)volunteer to help the needy, even for just one day, if you don’t like it then you don’t have to do it again because you are a volunteer and you are in control of your time and of you and your actions, hence depression is no longer in control. 3)do something good for yourself that you have been neglecting and that you don’t enjoy doing, like working out or cleaning out a closet. 4)do something good for yourself that you use to love doing but have stopped doing like reading again or knitting or golfing or gardening or some hobby that you have neglected but you use to really enjoy doing 5)get dressed, not in ratty clothes, but nice, put on lipstick, cologne, nice shirt/blouse, get out of the sweats and pajama pants and go somewhere, somewhere that doesn’t have to cost money, get dressed and go to Walmart, or on a walk or to the local museum/art gallery or city hall meeting, or get dressed and hang out at home looking good. These 5 steps always have helped me to FALL OUT OF BED)
Love you madly,


DEPRESSION: “getting out of bed” — 2 Comments

  1. Agree, Go and Do even when you don’t feel it. Pray along the way, always thanking God for what he has done in your life and what he is about to do. Put it out there.

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