CHRIST UP!!!! (excerpt from new release HAITI: AFTERSHOCKS OF HOPE)

A Call to Christian Accountability
A few years back, my teenage daughter, Diamond, and
I were talking about a friend of hers who was on the
sensitive side and was getting teased unmercifully by
some of his peers. I tried to have a little compassion
for her friend, but my daughter responded, “No mom, he doesn’t need
any pity, he just needs to MAN UP!”
Later on that day I overheard two women talking. One was whining
and complaining about an incident that had happened at work.
Her coworker told her, “You better wipe your tears and hitch up your
panty hose. Woman, you better MAN UP!”
These two incidents made me think about my Christian walk.
And I challenged myself to stop putting off writing this book and to
actively map out a speaking venue and to develop a fund raising campaign
for the children of Haiti.
I told myself to stop whining and complaining and being so sensitive
and making excuses. I challenged myself to grab my faith by the
ovaries, pull up my big girl panties and “CHRIST UP!!!” .
diamond mama did it

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