a tisket, a tasket
a lightening filled basket
thunder are you here?
within each person
abides the roar of thunder
waiting to be unleashed
oooooooh thuuuuuuuundeeeeer
come out, come out
wherever you are…
(excerpt from the Trubupress, a Black legacy Publishing Company re-release of
SHOUT, MAMMY, SHOUT: Where the Thunder Hides)
shout front
you have just been given a taste from the delectible banquet of yolantha the new Maya Angelou, seasoned with Gwendolyn Brooks, bathed in Langston Hughes, peppered with Angela Davis, sprinkled with Mother Teresa, lathered in William Shakespeare, rolled in Edgar Allen Poe, embellished with Ann Sexton
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women’s issues
environmental save the planet/celebrate earth
elementary schools
high schools
colleges and universities
churches and mission groups
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philanthropic groups

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