ANGELS OF MERCY (the earthquake)

the angels came from heavens around
stirred by the horrible rumbling of the ground
pink angelzebra angelangels shoulder to shoulder
they all stood at attention shoulder to shoulder
watching the earth as it began to smolder
they righted their halos and fluffed their wings
they packed Mercy and Grace and miracles to bring
this wouldn’t get fixed with just any bag of tricks
or some fancy science or new fangled arithmetic
then it happened…
an avalanche of sobs,
mountains of screams,
monsoons of tears
as the ground shifted, buildings fell,
unleashing oceans of fears
each angel kissed Jesus goodbye on his forehead
scarred from the crown of thorns
each getting his and her assignment
as harps sounded and Gabriel blew his horn
Raphael opened heaven’s gate and out each angel flew
zooming quickly to Haiti–they had much work to do
holding children’s hands and consoling mothers’ lips
as breath after breath inched away sip by sip
big strong men of muscles and wise weaklings too
the angels rocked, stood guard, laid down beside them
to see them through
the anguish
the pain
the dark
the dust
the confusion
as life slipped away and
Port-au-Prince became an illusion
the angels became blood splattered, ragged and torn
halos were bent, their robes became dingy and worn
they squeezed in, walked through walls, held heads in their laps
soothed dying souls in whose arms they were wrapped
some held on tight
being brave and
took longer to die than others
calling on God,
some chanting voodoo,
but all calling for their mothers
the angels soothed tongues and wiped brows and
sometimes for days they would just sit
it was a hard job but however somebody had to do it
over a million angels now assigned for a lifetime to a place
where generations of people became an extinct race
assigned to a country that even before the quake
needed untold help and mercy for goodness sake
so the angels none the better for wear and tear
persistently waiting, hovering in the rubble over there
patiently waiting standing guard over a land
waiting to see what
will do
made in
God-Allah-Buddha image,


ANGELS OF MERCY (the earthquake) — 2 Comments

  1. This still tears me up, Yolantha. Angels are still working overtime in so many locations of our globe.

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