and we just smile and smile and smile

smiling Haitian woman
The Haitian woman was
the spitting image of my
Aunt Gladys.
I saw so many
beautiful Haitian women.
It was just a fluke that
my family as I know it
ended up in Texas.
When the slave boats made
their last stop on the
island espanola for “quality control”
they dumped the sick and diseased
merchandise before traveling on to
Little did the slave ships know
the tenacity and strength of the
African people they had swiped.
Their dumpees/discarded cargo
did not all die.
Many lived and today I see people
who look just like my Daddy and
his brothers, McCoy, Freddie and
Uncle Eddie Earl, and his sister—my Aunt Gladys.
As I look at my twin Aunt
I think,
“there BUT FOR the grace of God
go I”
She looks back at me and thinks
“there WITH the grace of God
could I be”
and we just smile and smile and smile
at one another.


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