There wasn’t a super long line, but it was just long enough for my 20 year old daughter to be embarrassed at being the only grownups standing in line. The little girl in front of us kept saying, “HE’S THE REAL ONE…HE HAS ON GLOVES AND A HAT AND BOOTS AND AND AND HE’S WEARING A BELT!!! HE’S THE REAL ONE MOMMY, ISN’T HE??!!!???” When our turn finally came, my 20 year old melted into Santa’a arms. Then came the infamous line…”…AND WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS?” She responded, safe travels and good weather. I’m going to LA for Christmas.” Then Santa turned and looked at me with that notorious twinkle in his eye. I said, “I want some goats.” Santa’s eyebrows flew up. “I’m on my way to Haiti and I need some goats to give to some widows.” Santa was silent just a little longer than it takes to say “HO-HO-HO…MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT.” So I then asked him, “And Santa, what do you want from Christmas.” He still hadn’t taken his eyes off of mine. He responded. “I want happiness for boys and girls all around the world.” I said, “how ’bout even some joy?” Santa said, “OH, YES…Stand up you two, I want to hug you.” (I sure wish we could have gotten that picture…for it was priceless.)
christmas 2014 016

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