10 REAL GRATITUDES plus one; and not just FLUFFY THANKS

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Thank you for the horrific car wreck because I have been blessed to meet and learn from a brilliant physical therapist and learn about the awesome healing capacity of the body.
Thank you for the attempted murder on my life, the holes left from the fists punched in the walls, the verbal and mental abuse, it taught me the true worth of a woman and the depth of pain harbored in the souls of our men. It has given me a platform of advocacy for women who are abused, an understanding on why women become abused and why we stay in our life threatening situations. It has given me a testimony on how to go from victim to survivor to victor.
Thank you for making me a stutterer as a child. The embarrassment of my vocal challenges caused me not to speak for years so that I became a brilliant listener. It taught me compassion for those being bullied as well as compassion for the insecurities in those who feel they can only find value if they become a bully.
Thank you for daughters. Even though I only had brothers and was a tomboy through and through growing up. God you knew that daughters would be a better fit for me than sons on the journey that I would face. And it taught me to get in touch with as well as celebrate my feminine side.
Thank you for insufficient funds to keep the utilities on, for foodstamps and government cheese in my life. It taught me how to wear the moccasins of the needy in America and prepared me for service in one of the most underserved nations in my hemisphere, Haiti.
Thank you for racism and bigotry, glass ceilings and gender inequities. It has taught me a sensitivity towards and compassion for people who are different, which has been the key to recognizing fear as the agent that feeds these negative fires and love/building relationships as the flame for overcoming the fear.
Thank you for a season with the threat of cancer. It taught me that there are two kinds of cancer. The cancer of the flesh and the cancer of the mind. You taught me that in your awesome power you can cure the cancer of the flesh in the twinkling of an eye and in your infinite Grace you have empowered each of us to be in control of our cancer of the mind.
Thank you for overly strict parents and being raised in an era where children were to be seen and not heard. It grew me into a child friendly parent as well as made me into a champion of change for children.
Thank you for White women who hate/fear Black women. I’m not sure what I’m suppose to do with those life experiences as of yet, but thank you for the beginning of the journey of compassion between my fears and theirs.
Thank you for the six baptisms last Sunday at my church and the conviction toward discipleship and not just bringing in the numbers.
(extreme yolanthaism)
Thank you for all of the Goliaths in my life, for they are shaping me into becoming a “woman after God’s own heart”.


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